About us

Quirst was founded by Sheila Woodbridge in 2008 to help ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners increase profits by building a strong brand. We’re passionate about the power of design and the difference it can make to the bottom line. And we love nothing better than creating brand strategies for our clients that not only meet their long-term objectives, but also allow them to live a life of freedom.

Meet the team

Sheila Woodbridge

Hello there, I’m Sheila, aka The Brand Energiser.

With an agency background (17 years!), working for leading organisations such as Saatchi & Saatchi, I’ve produced design projects for top international companies including HSBC, Marriott, General Electric, Red Cross, Ad Council and more. Drawing on this experience of building big brands, I’ve developed the unique Brand Energiser formula, proven to attract your ideal clients, increase your sales and measure your results.

Sheila Woodbridge

Colour and web psychology play an important role in my work, helping to increase engagement and the likelihood of a purchase.

Along with numerous awards my work has been published in Print Magazine and the Annual Creativity Awards book and has been exhibited at the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts). My work is also included in the permanent collection of the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York.

If you’d like to have a brand and website that help you sell your professional services more effectively, please do get in touch via email or phone. I’d love to hear from you!

Sheila comes up with amazingly accurate and creative branding, and delivers it with extreme precision. Discussing my brand with Sheila made me re-think my whole message and goals. She then went on to deliver perfect branding and design whilst guiding me every step of the way – her service couldn’t be more comprehensive. And the result is clearly making an impact!

Marie Manandise, MAJ Web Dev

What our clients say

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Hi, I’m Matt, user experience director for Quirst. I have extensive experience in design and development across the whole range of today’s digital devices; from desktop browsers, tablets, current smartphones, right back to the most basic featurephones. I’ve worked as a user experience consultant for a big data company, building a web and mobile application for them. Prior to that, I worked for Vodafone building their European mobile portal.

User experience is a term and practice that has grown along with the increasing capabilities of desktop and, more importantly, mobile web browsers. Websites can no longer be thought of as collections of static pages linked together; they offer immensely varied opportunities to engage with your customers, raise your profile and increase your sales. Creating a useful and memorable user experience across all aspects of your online presence is now an essential part of any business brand and strategy.



Woof! Inca is our chief distraction officer. Needless to say, she’s the best in the field!

And more…

We also have several fantastic contractors and vendors who do great work for us. So whatever you project is, we have the relationships in place to get your job done.

So what’s the story behind Quirst?

Rewind to April 2008, and I was working a cushy job at Saatchi & Saatchi in Bermuda. Somewhere along the way, I’d grown tired of island living and craved a more cosmopolitan location. London seemed the obvious choice, as my family lived not too far away. But first the call of the open road beckoned, and I set off with my trusty camera to explore South America for five months. This meant that I landed in London in October 2008, not knowing a soul and having just spent rather a lot of my savings! If you cast your mind back to that particular month, you’ll remember that’s when the economy tanked. Big time. With people being laid off right, left and centre, it wasn’t a great time to be looking for a job at a design agency in London! So I created Quirst and started networking and building my brand. And slowly but surely, the work started coming in. The rest is history.

And why the name?

Quirst is an amalgamation of ‘quench’ and ‘thirst’. So, if you’re thirsty for a fresh perspective (and some great design!), why not quench your thirst with Quirst?

Trivia fun fact: Quirst is also the name of a soft drink from the 70s produced by 7-Up. However, it was rather short-lived in this incarnation, as Squirt sued 7-Up for infringement because they felt the name was too similar. Luckily, it’s doing a lot better in its second incarnation!