Brand development

What is effective branding and why is it crucial to the success of your business?

Effective branding builds trust and increases the value of your products or services immediately. It elevates your business from a commodity, to a sought-after brand able to command a premium rate. At Quirst, we coax out the essence of what makes your company special, and convey that in such a way that makes you stand out in the eyes of your ideal client.

Branding is not a ‘set it and forget it’ item. In order to blossom, your brand needs to be nurtured over time. As your strategic partner, we can help you shape your brand as your business grows.

Brand strategy

This is your blueprint for developing a successful brand that meets your long-term objectives. With a strong brand foundation built on a well-defined strategy, marketing and sales become a whole lot easier. You will attract new business effortlessly because your brand just feels right to your target audience.

Identity design

Your logo is the face of your company. Done badly, it creates the wrong impression about your business, causing your ideal client to choose your competitors over you. At Quirst, we’ll make sure your identity is relevant, memorable and easily recognisable. We’ll make sure it conveys your company’s values authentically in a voice your target market understands, so that they choose you every time.

Brand guidelines

It’s virtually impossible to maintain a consistent look, feel and voice across all channels of communication with no guidelines in place. Which leads to confusion in the mind of the prospect. And a confused mind never buys. All of our branding packages include guidelines for use, enabling you to easily maintain a unified presence critical for building a solid, successful company.