Our approach

Business and user-centred design

Design enables understanding. And understanding is a powerful way to differentiate your products, services and ideas. Each identity, each website, each annual report and brochure we create gives us the opportunity to clarify your message and strengthen your competitive advantage. Rather than just making your communications look pretty, we make sure they actively support your business goals.

Colour and web psychology

What makes you choose one product or service over another? Most probably, we can all give rational explanations for choosing Brand A over Brand B, but generally these rational conscious buying decisions are created by automatic subconscious emotional thinking. By applying the principles of colour and web psychology to the work we do, we can communicate your brand message on a subconscious as well as conscious level, enabling you to attract even more success.

Measuring success

Of course, you’ll want to know that you’re receiving a good return on your investment, won’t you? We have the tools to track your progress so you know exactly how well your brand is performing. Then, as your brand partner, we can help you achieve even better results in the future.

I hired Sheila to develop my company brand and website. She did an excellent job in understanding the brief and producing an innovative design that suited my business ethos and my personality. She is extremely responsive, helpful and adds some thoughtful touches to her service that really make you feel like a valued client. I intend to use her to do work for me again in the future and would highly recommend her to others

Caroline Dillon, Director, TOMI HR

What our clients say