Cloud Edits

This logomark depicts the outline of a cloud, into which a stream of pixels flow. Once inside the cloud, the pixels form smooth lines which flow through the cloud and out of the other side. This represents how Cloud Edits works – the client uploads their raw footage to the cloud, and Cloud Edit’s editors take this footage and streamline it into the polished, finished piece. The lines flow together towards the right hand side, commonly associated with the future. This subconsciously conveys the message that Cloud Edits is a company who embraces the future along with modern technologies.

The responsive website introduces this new way of working with a dynamic cloud animation on the homepage – the rays of sun appearing behind the clouds signifying the dawn of a new era. Each page of the site takes a different colour from the streaming pixels of the logo, simulating a TV / video test card.

“Sheila created the perfect branding for my company. She really listened what the company was about and the attention to detail that she put into her concepts was very impressive. She guided the whole of the company brand.

She is extremely professional while at the same time being an absolute joy to work with and she got the balance of communication absolutely right. Cloud Edits received heaps of added value from Quirst. Sheila is supportive, patient, encouraging and inspiring and my company owes her a great deal more than just great branding.

On top of that the service is very competitively priced. I have and I always will confidently recommend Quirst to anyone looking for branding or design for their company.”

– Caroline Law, Cloud Edits