MAJ Web Development

The logomark depicts a scientific flask with ‘pixels’ bubbling up, inviting the prospect to ‘enter the lab and watch as creative, elegant solutions materialise’. The scientific icon is a nod to the founder’s academic and scientist background, conveying the sense that the work she does is logical and methodical, not just jumping on the latest hot trend of tech.

The responsive website continues this science theme, emphasising the key benefits of working with MAJ Web Development, alongside the social proof of testimonials.

“Sheila comes up with amazingly accurate and creative branding, and delivers it with extreme precision. Discussing my brand with Sheila made me re-think my whole message and goals. She then went on to deliver perfect branding and design whilst guiding me every step of the way – from advice on my website copy to making arrangements with the printer for my business cards, her service couldn’t be more comprehensive. And the result is clearly making an impact. You should see the sparkle in people’s eyes when I hand out my business cards!”

– Marie Manandise, MAJ Web Dev