Panoramic Growth Equity

Website for a leading equity investor. The site is aimed at two main audiences: advisors who want to see the kind of deals Panoramic do; and management teams/entrepreneurs who haven’t had institutional investment before. In order to give both audiences what they want, we focused on the companies Panoramic has invested in, telling the story from their angle. The site is filled with testimonials, as well as resources for entrepreneurs to find out more about how private equity investment works.

For the advisors, we created at-a-glance portfolio cards of key facts, deal and exit facts. This makes it easy for them to quickly get a sense of past deals.

“Quirst worked with Panoramic on our new website and a range of marketing materials as part of a rebranding exercise we undertook earlier this year. We found Sheila to be very responsive to our requirements and we were all delighted with the work she produced for Panoramic.”

– Malcolm Kpedekpo, Panoramic Growth Equity