Print design

Great design gets you noticed. The moment you hand over you business card or brochure, people will make assumptions about the quality of your product or service based on what they see. Have you noticed how it makes you feel about a person’s business when you receive a good quality business card? Lewis Cheskin, a psychologist and pioneer in brand marketing, famously noted that people can’t help but transfer their feelings towards the packaging to the product itself – a process called ‘sensation transference’. What a great opportunity to transfer the impression of quality!


What does your business card say about you and your company? The choice of a quality paper, strong design and typography, colour and special finishes speaks volumes about the company it represents.

Capabilities brochure

In an increasing digital world, the power of a well-crafted capabilities brochure should not be underestimated. A sleek brochure can command the attention of even the most jaded internet surfer.

Financial communications / annual review

Communicating end-of-year results to your stakeholders is an important task. We all know that images speak louder than words. A bad design or poor choice of images can undermine your results, while a carefully considered design subconsciously enhances your results.