Websites, mobile and email marketing

How much is it costing you to NOT have a website designed with your business goals in mind?

We take a business and user-centred approach to design, as well as making it look good. The main function of the site is to support your company’s business goals. (Sounds obvious we know, yet there are too many websites that look good, but don’t work for the business). Our approach is to take a detailed brief to get to the essence of your business and how the website will support it. In this way, the design and structure of the site contains only elements that serve the end user and help tell your company’s story, authentically conveying your company’s values.

Website design

A website is one of the most essential methods of communicating with your target audience. First impressions are crucial. By creating a good first impression, you are far more likely to turn visitors into clients. This is much more than just making it look good. The site needs to be intuitively organised, navigable, engaging and accessible, leading prospects to want to work with you.

Mobile websites

All of our websites will render on mobile devices. And, given that four out of five adults in the UK have smartphones and 70% of UK homes have tablets*, we also recommend that the site should be designed responsively.

Responsive web design means that you don’t need a separate mobile, tablet and desktop version of the site. Instead, the webpage automatically adapts to whatever size screen it’s being viewed on. Regardless of what device your visitor is using to access your site, they will see all of the content you have to offer. With some sites the requirements of the mobile user will differ significantly from those of the desktop user. In these cases, we can design a mobile-specific version of the site or an app.

*Data according to Deloitte report on mobile phone usage, December 2016. Among 18-44-year-olds, the percentage of smart phone users leaps to 91%.

Content management (CMS)

A CMS system provides you with the flexibility you need to easily manage, edit, upload and monitor the content on your site. We are not affiliated to any one system and will recommend a CMS that is appropriate to your business. That said, for most of our sites we use WordPress. It’s generally the most cost effective solution, as well as being easily customisable and great for SEO. As the most popular CMS system it is also constantly being improved, meaning that your site’s CMS will always be up to date.

Email marketing templates

Email newsletters present a great opportunity to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. With an easy-to-update branded template, keeping in touch regularly with your prospects and clients will enable you build those relationships, ultimately generating more business.